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SAP Weighbridge Automation


Weighbridge Automation

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Weighbridge Automation

Get a higher ROI and better life with our value-added services for unmanned weighbridge Solution.
A weighbridge is a big undertaking for any business. It requires substantial investment in terms of time and space to make processes faster in the industrial setup. Related industries are aware of is how much time and resources a weighbridge requires to operate. A weighbridge is a serious commitment for a business, but it doesn’t have to be such a burden anymore with F.T. Unmanned RFID Weighbridge System.

The primary method of automating a weighbridge is to switch to an RFID Based unmanned system. An Unmanned weighbridge -also known as a driver-operated weighbridge – is a weighbridge where the input, identification, and data are handled by the vehicle driver rather than a dedicated weighbridge operator. F.T. Unmanned RFID Weighbridge System can be a stand-alone system or even a fully integrated IoT Gateway based, central monitoring system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operations without the need of an operator. Due to the system’s user-friendly interface and ruggedness, it is totally operated by the truck driver. The System comes with an intelligent and integrated application that makes any digital weighbridge to a smart RFID unattended terminal. The system can be customized with many add-ons like RFID (HF and UHF) integration, vehicle position system, existing vehicle weighing software, camera plate recognition, surveillance cameras, PA system and with a loudspeaker, boom barriers, traffic lights, and integration with available SAP, Oracle, ERP.

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1.Improves productivity, supports transportation cost savings for getting the best return on Investment.
2.Reduction in Truck TAT and alongside facilitates improved visibility, safety, security for better asset tracking.
3.Eliminate the possibility of wrong/manual entries and provide reliable automation.
4.Enables to reduce manpower and improvement in the accuracy of data flow.
5.Real-time monitoring of vehicles achieved along with a preview on the Dashboard.
6.Highly integrable with SAP, ERP, Oracle and available software’s to share real-time data.
7.System generated receipt confirmation of ‘Dispatched Goods’.
8.Robust and weather-proof Cabinets and Kiosks.
9.Analytic dashboards to know the LIVE details and malpractices happening if any while weighing is done.
10.Periodic performance edge analysis.

SAP Customized Solution

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