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Can Weighbridge Automation Solution eliminate weighing malpractices in transport?


Can Weighbridge Automation Solution eliminate weighing malpractices in transport?


In our previous article, we discussed the manual process of weighing commercial goods using manned weighbridge systems. It pointed out the inefficiencies associated with the manned weighbridge system and their detrimental impact on the efficiency and cost of logistics operation. The piece concluded with the need for companies to automate the entire weighing process through weighbridge automation systems that we will discuss in this article.

Summarizing the problems with manned weighbridge system

Apart from being inefficient, manned weighbridge system is riddled with the following problems which reduce their output efficiency,

  • Heavily dependent on booth operators
  • Prone to fraud, theft, and malpractice
  • Lack of transparency in the process
  • Higher operational cost with lower efficiency
  • Crowding and mismanagement in busier plants and facilities

How Weighbridge Automation Solutions can eliminate the problems of Manned Weighbridge Stations

Automation is revolutionizing how the logistics industry operates. Technology backed solutions like F.T. Management System and Vehicle Tracking Systems are already solving some of the most common issues in Supply-Chain Management, benefitting companies operationally and financially.

The introduction of the Weighbridge Automation Solution is set to regularize the commercial weighing industry through data and automation. It eliminates the need for manual intervention and booth operators, making the process tampering-free. It makes the entire weighing process more transparent, thus, making it easier for businesses as well as their clients to have more accountability.

What does F.T. Weighbridge Automation Solution (WAS) offer?

FT Weighbridge Automation Solution (WAS) offers a complete weighing solution for commercial use that provides end-to-end transparency from the moment a vehicle enters till it exits the company’s premises. It aims to eliminate the need for manual operators, thus, improving efficiency and transparency in the entire process.

  • It eliminates the need to hire and train a booth or scale operator reducing operational cost significantly.
  • A fully automated and easy-to-use weighing system that does not require manual intervention and can be operated by vehicle drivers.
  • It reduces the likelihood of financial and operational losses that occur due to human error in the weighing process.
  • Eliminates malpractices and theft by automating the process and eliminating manual intervention.
  • It increases operational efficiency by employing an RFID system for vehicle identification and registration, thus, eliminating long queues or overcrowding at the facility.
  • It Equips the facility with CCTV, IP Camera, Senors and other electronic devices to provide tracking for each vehicle movement that enters and exits the premises 24×7.
  • It offers accurate measurement of goods using a high-quality industrial weighing scale.
  • It offers extensive accountability for each vehicle by employing a receipt generation system at entry and exit points of the facility.
  • It reduces the operational cost for logistics, thus, bringing down the cost of doing business for companies and allowing them to stay competitive.

How will the Weighbridge Automation Solution work?

FT Weighbridge Automation Solution will eliminate the need for booth operators and manual intervention in the weighing process of goods.

Entry, Identification and Traffic Control

The entry point will use a combination of signal, automated barriers, IP cameras, and RFID for identification and tracking the position of the particular vehicle in the facility. It will create a systematic process for traffic control for facilities and plants which se higher traffic.

Weighbridge Alignment

Once identified and registered the vehicle proceeds to the weighbridge where it is correctly aligned using vehicle alignment sensors and signals.

Automated Weighing Process

Once vehicle alignment is correct, the digital scale captures weight of the vehicle and RFID sensor identifies the vehicle and associates the weight with the vehicle. IP cameras capture other details to match it with the one captured at entry for identification.

Exit, Communication and Repeat

Once the weighing process is completed automated barriers at exit point allows the vehicle to exit. Loudspeakers and signals placed at every step allows drivers to understand and follow steps for correct measurement without fail.

The same steps are repeated once goods are unloaded at the facility to measure the weight of the empty vehicle which is tallied with the weight of vehicle with goods to get the accurate measurement of goods that were unloaded. All the data that is captured and processed through a centralized system which makes the entire process completely transparent.

Does the Automation justify the cost?

FT Automated Weighbridge Solution  is designed to be compatible with companies having an existing weighbridge system as well as for companies looking to set up a new weighing system. An existing Weight Station can be converted into a fully automated weight station at a significantly lower cost.

To conclude, automation in the weighing process increasing operating efficiency and reducing risks considerably, which will allow companies to perform better both operationally and financially. Additionally, there is an accountability factor involved. The Weighbridge Automated Solution offers complete accountability and transparency for the Supply-Chain managers which were are non-existent in Manned Weighbridge System.

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