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sap machine integration

F.T. SAP Machine Integration

SAP Machine Integration

F.T. SAP Machine Integration

F.T. SAP Machine Integration is the perfect solution to integrate various apps, equipment and sensors and connect that information to shop floor personnel. SAP MI natively integrates the shop floor with your SAP ERP business systems in real-time. Besides integration capabilities, SAP MI provides services to structure, distribute and provide context to manufacturing data through dashboarding and analytics capabilities. Dashboarding and analytics enable manufacturing personnel to visualize and leverage accurate and timely data for critical decision-making.

At F.T. Solutions, we understand the challenges that come along with implementing new technologies on the shop floor. We have been providing consulting and successful implementations of SAP machine integration solutions for manufacturers since 2008. A common theme in all of our digital transformation projects is to align all key representatives who will be impacted by systems, technology, and process changes by enlisting their feedback, addressing questions and concerns, and developing solutions with the end-users in mind.

What is SAP Machine Integration?

F.T. SAP Machine Integration is the proven solution for the process industry and is a comprehensive platform for Manufacturing Execution (MES) and integration solutions. SAP Machine Integration allows for real-time production monitoring and provides extensive data analysis tools.

Using SAP Machine Integration, data from a wide range of systems can be integrated and combined with data from other business systems. This integration provides deep insights into the measures from SAP ERP down to the shop floor, and across shop floor operations and applications. These insights aid in decision making regarding equipment usage and shifting production priorities and also ensures necessary actions can be executed automatically or manually.

SAP Machine Integration solutions become the central component and orchestrator for data-driven, evidence-based decision making. MII extracts and processes data from all critical business systems and displays integrated data to key stakeholders and decision makers. For instance, SAP Machine integration can be used to view, collect, measure, and compare the performance of plants and assets with different automation system infrastructures. To enable more valuable information, SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo) can be used to connect shop floor equipment for the purposes of data collection and evaluation.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) designs and integrates floor Machines with SAP, Provides a wide range of functionality including:
Remote equipment monitoring.
Machine controls.
Temperature and vibration monitoring.
Data Acquisition.
Motion Control.
Pressure monitoring.
Distributed control systems.
Sequential relay control etc..
API that allows developers to build custom integrations into their systems. These API’s allow for integrations into ERP. F.T. Solutions has built integrations with certain ERPs.

Key Benefits of SAP Machine Integration-

Universal Platform: Extensible manufacturing platform allows rapid adaption to any manufacturing process. Applicable to all manufacturing industries and utilities

Integrated Systems: Provide interoperability between shop floor solutions and enterprise ERP

Manufacturing Intelligence: Visualize data using plant information applicable to each level of the organization with standard and custom, user-defined dashboards

Process Orchestration: Enable customer-specific processes for planning, execution, maintenance and quality

Plant Performance Management: Out-of-the-box SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness Management (SAP OEE Management) allows for the measurement and analysis of plant performance historically and in real-time. Additional capabilities include options to build and visualize customizable KPIs.

Why partner with F.T. Solutions?

FT Solutions is a global technology and innovation company that stands for progress and providing customers flexible, rapidly deployed, end-to-end ERP, Mobility Solutions. As a Silver Partner SAP has recognized F.T. Solutions as having the expertise necessary to design, implement, and manage the SAP software environment for a variety of enterprise clients.

Our difference can be found in the depth of technical, project execution and problem-solving skills that enable us to provide high-value solutions and rapid return on investment. Specializing in fixed-price, fast-staff responses, and combining deep technological expertise with hands-on experience, FT Solutions is rightly poised to deliver optimal solutions to customers.
When it comes to delivering business application solutions, FT Solutions is one of the leading SAP authorized Value Added Re-seller (VAR) Partner. Our business focuses on the small as well as midsize enterprises because of which the success stories of FT Solutions have been widely known not only nationwide, but also across the globe. The core services include Enterprise Application Support, Information Technology and Consulting Services. FT Solutions customers represent various industries including Consumer Goods, Retail, Wholesale, Engineering and Construction, Life-sciences and Manufacturing.

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